I attended the Service Design Pop-Up event at London Design Week.  Run by the lovely Lior I went along with my friend Steve who is a product designer to hear Laura Wiliams, the founder of a the first Service Design agency in Newcastle and others give their views on how they would define Service Design.

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It really was an interesting event.  Although the stories Laura and her colleagues (an architect and a service designer working in government) offered were helpful it made me think that the lack of a commonly accepted definition for Service Design really is doing nothing to help the profession as a whole. Although none f

On the topic of terrible customer experiences, I asked about whether they thought that service design processes could help the current universal banks to transform their customer experiences enough to save them.   Their thoughts were, that slimming down and refocusing could help but that the challenge being put forward by less encumbered tech enabled startups will be fierce and hugely disruptive.  I’ve since started to think whether this could be the topic for my dissertation…

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