I’m currently the Co-Head of Design and Principal at Adaptive Lab. In this role I’ve built a team of fabulous product and service designers delivering interesting and practical work for our clients.

All of our design work goes from vision and proposition to co-design, prototyping and experiments, to the build pilot and launch of a new product, service or business,

We work with big brand names to build businesses, services and products from scratch – you can see our most recent work with Three here. Or to transform existing products or services that aren’t delivering for their customers or their organisations. You can see the story of how we redesigned the advice conversation for mortgage advisors from strategy to build and pilot on our site.

I’m an active member of the London service design community and you can take a peek into the kinds of events that my team and I organise for the Service Design community across London via the video below.

You can see me interviewing one of our clients about the evolution of product and service design here. It’s a topic I’m fascinated with, especially as our economies become more service oriented.  There’s a longer version of the tape with less Clive and more me, let me know if you’re interested in seeing it!

And here chatting about me, service design, beta businesses and why I love London.

As most of the work I do is highly confidential I can’t post images of deliverables to a public site.  I do have another private site that houses my detailed portfolio, so contact me directly for access to that via jlleitch@gmail.com.

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