I’m a fellow of the RSA, which is the Royal Society of the Arts who host fantastic speakers and run amazing events.  I try to get to every event they have in the design space.  But even if I’m not there in person, they usually provide access to audio or video recordings of the event.  A sample of the best that I’ve attended, listened to, or watched is provided on this page.

How design is shaping thinking at the heart of government, Matthew Taylor & Andrea Siodimok

Design as a tool to play the constituent at the heart of policy has has been wholeheartedly embraced by Westminster.  In this conversation with the RSA CEO Matthew Taylor, Andrea – the head of the policy lab in the cabinet office – outlines how design thinking is reshaping how policy is developed.  This includes hiring a huge number of designers, including service designers into significant departments such as the Home and Cabinet office.

Design and the internet, Ben Terrett 

As part of the launch of the RSA’s 2015/16 Student Design Awards in 2015 Ben, the Group Design Director for the Coop, among other things talks about how the internet is changing design and designers.

He’s previously spoken at the RSA about design on the topic of persuasion and usability.

Design when everyone designs, Ezio Manzini 

In this talk Manzini summarises some of the key components of his new book. The word design has been stretched in the past 10 years and much of this ‘stretching’ has occurred in London.  He argues as part of this that the definition of design has extended from traditional product or graphic design to a set of tools, capabilities and responses.

Design is a mixture of creative, critical and a practical senses

Design can now be applied of every kind of problem. It works best when it is used to address those wicked problems that form at the apex of cultural and technical issues.  Those tricky problems when the human beings are involved. Nesta has also provided an excellent summary of the full talk here.

A summary of the key concepts from Manzini’s new book

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