Hooked: How to build habit forming products, Nir Eyal
In Hooked, Nir describes how to build products that will truly ‘hook’ your clients.  In doing this he outlines exactly how and why we become addicted to products and how technology can create and maintain that addiction.
79% of smartphone owners check their device within 15 minutes of waking up every morning.
One-third of Americans say they would rather give up sex than lose their smart phones
Industry insiders believe that smart phone users check their phone 150 times per day
For anyone who has an IPhone or in fact any kind of smart phone,  you’ll know the feeling that Nir is going for and describing in this book.  That addiction where as soon as you have 2 minutes spare, you mindlessly reach for your phone scroll through Twitter, your email or Facebook.
I loved this book.  Nir is so open and honest about what he is trying to do.  But it does remind me of the importance of having strong principles as a designer, as good design has the potential to be incredibly detrimental without a strong purpose.  He offers a huge number of ‘models’ for habit forming and behaviour change.  My favourite of which is provided below:

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