Design of Business: Why design thinking is the next competitive advantage, Roger L. Martin

In this excellent book, Martin argues the case that today, to create successful products or design delightful services, ‘neither analysis nor intuition alone is enough’.

The minute you start analysing and using consumer research, you drive all of the creativity out of the product

No good product was ever created from quantitative market research.  Great products spring from the heart and the soul of a great designer, unencumbered by committees, processes or analyses

Luckily, his version of design thinking is one that finds the exact right balance between ‘analytical mystery’ and ‘intuitive originality’.

Roger Martin’s Knowledge Funnel

He begins with a strong discussion of how value is created in today’s organisations before taking us through why a reliable ‘algorithm’ driven model is so attractive to these businesses.

Roger Martin’s Analysis vs Intuition Model 

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