This is Service Design Thinking, Mark Stickdorn

Considered by many to be the Service Design bible, This is Service Design Thinking, gathers together tools, process, methods, examples and stories from leading Service Design Practitioners from across the world.  The book also calls upon leading product, UX, interaction and graphic designers to give their view on service design.  It includes many of the key design management tools and concepts I’d come across in the past.    I’ve also come across which seems appears to be the online, up to date version of this book.

The T person

While I certainly found it to be useful, I found the lack of a common language or set of definitions frustrating.  If I had created this book, rather than seemingly commissioning a large number of individuals to give me their ideas and words as individuals, I would have using a design thinking process to bring more of these ideas together in a coherent manner. However I would guess that there is something of a clue in the title of the book This is Service Design Thinking, rather than This is Service Design.

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