Happiness: Lessons from a new science, Richard Layard 

Happiness by Design, Change what you do, not what you think, Paul Dolan

When I first started Happiness by Layard I wondered why this was one of the first books we were asked to read. But the more I thought about design as a method of identifying and fulfilling human needs, the more important a strong understanding of what makes humans tick, what really makes them happy, seemed essential. I would recommend reading this book to any member of UK society.  In the UK

Mental health issues account for half of all sick days

I read a number of articles as a result in the Economist and the UK press on the topic of happiness, how to measure it. the links to positive psychology and culture:






Everything that rises must converge, The Economist, http://www.economist.com/news/international/21629423-emerging-markets-are-catching-up-west-happiness-stakes-everything

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