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How can you prove that behaviours are changing on the ground when surveys and other lag data sources tell us they aren’t?

Our client was interested in finding out and proving to the regulator that behaviours within their organisation were changing in line with their values. A three tiered measurement framework inclusive of 72 different data sources was being used to track the change in behaviour. We suggested using ethnographic research methods to supplement the quantitative data to an sceptical client.


Surveys struggle to explain the why. People need to be behaving differently for a long time before they are cognisant enough to tell you they are in  a survey

An open focusing question was designed: how do people experience our values in the ways they work? We worked with the leadership team interviewing them then running a series of interactive workshops to arrive at the behaviours that we will see consistently when the values are embedded. We trained 18 client team members, from 4 countries in observational research techniques to complete 40 hours of observation.


Use behavioural observation to actually see the systems, processes and practices that continue to stand in the way

350+ observations were analysed over three days of triangulation with the core client team. 80+ patterns of behaviour and 13 narratives with associated systems, process and practice design changes  evidenced by real human behaviour were generated and implemented. The process and  was so successful it was adopted into other parts of the organisation.