The average MOOC drop out rate is 93%. The drop-out rate for the free +Acumen courses is not far behind. Implement a service to improve the completion rate.

Acumen runs free virtual courses, as part of their strategy to improve the capability of social entrepreneurs across the world. 700 students participate in the Human Centred Design Course in London. As with most online courses, the dropout rate in London is over 90%.  We were committed to reducing drop-out rates and improving the quality of the course for the London based participants


Create a real human connection and the completion rate increases as does  participant enjoyment

We spoke to +Acumen head office, reviewed participant data and feedback, observed course participant behaviours to understand what it was that motivated participants to complete the course. The data told us either: start charging money (to change perceptions of the value of the courses) or; find a way to create a personal connection. We piloted the the School for Social Innovation at the Impact Hub in Islington.  The idea being to provide a creative, space to meet face to face free of charge


Setup and promote an a online/ offline network headquartered at the School for Social innovation

We publicised our solution –  the school – via launch and pitch events; IDEO meet the designer sessions.  We held opening and closing events, co-created with the community.  Finally, we created an alumni community using facebook; meetup; email; and twitter. We significantly reduced the drop out rate and improved the enjoyment of a number of courses for the participants.