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What do we need to change about the services we offer to customers to help them be better with money?

Our client was looking for ways to embed their manifesto – to help their customers be better with money by being more welcoming, knowing, understanding and rewarding. However, their customer journey was disjointed and inconsistent.  The was no single customer view or clear value proposition. We proposed a customer centred approach hinging all of the initiatives from a new customer journey map. 1 customer journey map was agreed for the key customer segments inclusive of 86 unique customer events


The absence of a clear customer journey has made it impossible to embed the voice of the customer in how the organisation does business

9 interactive customer and employee workshops were completed to understand the existing customer journey. 24 unique data sources and 1400 unique lines of data including complaints, social media, online reviews, IVR call statistics and employee workshops were analysed in the development of a customer heatmap which identified 10 areas for improvement. 79 initiatives were identified in total to improve the services provided to customers, in line with our clients manifesto


5 key initiatives with the biggest customer impact were prioristised for immediate implementation

Key recommendations included: setting a consistent house style and brand guidelines for how the client engages with customers across segments, including tone of voice; review the IVRs used by both segments to simplify and improve payment success rates; create a single data source for each customer; and other initiatives to improve their relationships with their partners.