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We’ve done the research, it told us that there at 17 customer advocacy levers… Can you tell us which ones are the ones we should be pulling first?

Our client wanted to build a customer centric organisation that provided exceptional customer experience and had a good reputation in the market. They have a terrible net promoter score and were rich in data about the levers that will create satisfaction. But none of this data gave them any information about the root cause of the issues or ‘how’ they needed to work with their customers if they wanted to build advocacy.


Our customers need us to change our mindset – it’s about how we connect with them

The client had done their own research and they wanted us to   validate it using a traditional hypothesis driven approach. We suggested taking a different, more open minded approach starting with a broad focusing question. 62 people from the team were trained in the skills, tools and mindsets to complete ethnographic research.  They collected +700 observations of customer interactions. These were clustered and triangulated to identify repeating patterns of behaviour. 


Created a new customer advocacy model, supported by stories, personas and changes to the service offered to customers  

We identified iconic stories that explained how our mindsets needed to change, along with developing personas to describe how each team member could: Take ownership;  Action commitments; and Get it right the first time. We also generated insights on how services could be modified in line with the research findings